If you take the audio out it looks like she’s saying “I love you” in the last cap and I am accepting that as canon and IDGAF.

Matty is so freaking happy right now.

Is this a dream? he wonders. Maybe it is…certainly he’s not used to feeling this giddy smile tug at his lips. And butterflies in his stomach? He’s a military man, kind and direct and determined but always a little detached, a little analytical, always reading the faces of those around him, the things unsaid.

For once, though…for once his mind is not on facts or plans. He is searching for nothing in Ashley’s gaze…he merely lays himself before her, without pretense or expectation. With hope and nothing more.

For three years he has loved her — through fire and death and rebirth and war. For three years he has longed for this moment…

At first it’s only teasing banter as it always has been, but it’s laced with something deeper, cautiously exploring, feeling out the things that still hang between them. Then the soft touch at his shoulder, the cup of fingers gently behind his head, burying themselves in his hair…and the expression of not just respect and affection but love that is in her dark eyes in the moment before they close…

And her lips meet his and she tastes sharply sweet like spiced honey, warm and strong and meeting his sudden fierce embrace with her own. How long has she wanted this too, he wonders, and has it pained her, too, to fight on alone for so long?

Questions for another day. He leans into her, lets her take him, mind and heart and soul.


"Nicely done, Commander. You must be exhausted."

"I’ll sleep when this war is over."

"With respect…you’ve been going nonstop since Earth."

"Sounds vaguely like an order, Traynor."

"A polite suggestion from someone with a…vested interest in your success, Commander."

Also you may have unleashed a monster cos I am 100% tempted to start fucking around more in ME3Explorer and messing with textures and stuff. =3

Update, however, that .pcc file doesn’t change the content of the scene for non-loyal romance.

HOWEVER…I’m tempted to mod one of Matty’s saves so I can get caps of the more elaborate kiss. [devious smile]

heartsofruin replied to your post “Time for another edition of BJK Is a Modding Newb. i dropped the…”

In the updater, File -> Check PCConsoleTOC.bin, which is in the BIOGame dir. It will then scan for changed .pcc and prompt you to update

Eeee, success! Thank you, this was exactly what I needed. :)

Thank you so much! :D

Time for another edition of BJK Is a Modding Newb.

i dropped the modded .pcc file in and, according to the instructions, I’m supposed to run the “TOCbinUpdater” tool in ME3Explorer to save the changes.

However, when I click “TOCbinUpdater” under Tools, I just get this:


Which doesn’t seem to be doing anything?

And now the game freezes when I try to load a save. :(

(I have, for the record, run the “Texplorer” one-time setup process. Not sure if there’s other things I have to do in order to make this do anything…)

Halp? I know I should have made a backup, and worst-case scenario I can just trash things and let Origin redownload. But I’d prefer not to do that. D:

EDIT: Crisis averted! Thanks to heartsofruin for helping me out. :D








well this is rEALLY CUTE.


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I Was Trying To Relate And Sympathize But Ended Up Making A Long And Complicated Star Trek Reference While Trying To Make You Feel Better: a novel